Benitses is one of the most famous resorts in Corfu. It is geographically located approximately in the center of the island and it is built on the national road Corfu –Lefkimmi, next to the sea. There you will find small and large touristy lodgings, restaurants, taverns and naturally, fish taverns which, Benitses is famous for. In front of the village is situated the organized beach with fine pebbles and also a marina where, vessels can anchor with all the services provided. In the village you can also find clinics, pharmacies and a police station.

Benitses offers an intense nightlife with numerous clubs and bars along the seaside road. You must visit the Sea Museum which, displays a large collection of sea-shells, sea-sponges and fossils.

In Benitses, Roman baths with mosaic floors have been discovered, a fact which, proves that this village has a long history. The first written sources about Benitses are dated back to 1469. In the past, the main occupation of the inhabitants was fishing and the cultivation of citrus trees and olive trees. Today, the majority of the residents are occupied with tourism. It is worthwhile mentioning the cultural club of Benitses which, is very active in trying to keep traditions alive as well as the spiritual culture of the residents of the village, high.

From Benitses you can visit Achillion[Θ7] , one of the most significant sights of the island, you can see Kaiser’s Bridge on the road to Perama[Θ9]  and you can also stroll on its verdant trail towards the more mountainous village, Stavros. On this route you will also see an impressive waterfall, hidden away by the dense vegetation.

Benitses have very good transportation to the city of Corfu with daily and very frequent service of buses  and KTEL. There is also a taxi-stand in the village. Benitses is also connected by road to the port of Lefkimmi, situated 25 kilometers away.

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