Temple of Artemis Gorgon

The Temple of Artemis Gorgon, one of the greatest temples of ancient Corfu, is situated in the boundaries of Palaiopoli next to the Monastery of Agioi Theodoroi Stratias, in Kanoni, next to the Yllaiko Port. An accidental discovery brought to light firstly the pediment and later the entire Temple of Artemis Gorgon which dates back to about 590 B.C.

The pediment of the Temple of Artemis Gorgon is considered the oldest stone-pediment saved and it belonged to the western side of the edifice. The embossed representation of goddess Artemis in the center running (Gorgon) while her face is turned to the spectator, adorns this pediment and is surrounded by her children, Chryssaor and Pegasus, two lion-panthers and two grand scenes of the battle of the Titans. The pediment, which is of gigantic proportions (11,5m. x 4m.), is exhibited today in the Archaeological Museum of Corfu.

From the Temple of Artemis Gorgon only the foundation ditches are saved and a few stone-plinths which supported the floor. It is a temple of Dorian order, with 8 pillars in the façade and 17 on its sides while it is approximately 48 meters long and 22 meters wide.

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