The first time a tennis game took place in Greece was in Corfu in 1896. A group of English bred, offspring of wealthy families founded the company Lawn Tennis Club mostly for the social promotion of its members and not so much for the sporting competition. In 1915 the Municipality grants a site of 4 acres on the uninhabited region of that period on the outskirts of the city, on the area where until today, the tennis courts of the island can be found, near the northern part of the bay of Garitsa.

Today, Corfu Lawn Tennis Club can demonstrate modern facilities of 5 tennis courts of international standards with a lounge and vestiaries. Every year two international tournaments take place there, the Panhellenic and the League of Northwestern Greece for both male and female athletes up to 18 years, and also the Veteran Tournament.

Apart from the historical Corfu Lawn Tennis Club, organized tennis courts can be found in many hotels of the island.

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