In the north of Lake Korission , at the center of a fertile valley, is situated the village of Vraganiotika. Because it is close to the lake, in the past, its inhabitants suffered from malaria which ravaged the region and it is from this village which derives the Corfiot phrase «tha vrakaniaseis» which means you will become pale, you will turn into the color of yellow and green and you will seem ill.

If you stroll around in Vraganiotika, you will discover few remaining evidences of the long history of this village. An example of this is the church-bell in the church of the village which is walled-up above the entrance door and its bells are the same ones from the time of the Venetian occupation. The seal on the bells is a testimony to this fact.

From Vraganiotika, in just a few minutes, you can go to the unique beach of Issos  and you can also try the local specialties in the region of Linia.

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