Ypsos is the most commercial and touristy village of the north-eastern coast of Corfu. It extends along the homonymous, large beach , while on the back side of the village, the mountain of Pantokratoras  rises. Ypsos is a popular, touristy destination for young people and mainly English who prefer it for its pubs and the night clubs that stay open until the first morning hours.

The part of Ypsos which is not developed towards the seaside road and the region near its harbor is more tranquil and suitable for families because of the shallow and warm waters of the beach.

Ypsos is a medium-sized village where, you can find dozens of lodgings, from hotels and apartments to studios and camping sites. In the village there are many shops of every kind: supermarkets, pastry shops, souvenir shops, jewelry shops, Internet cafés and much more.

The whole bay of Ypsos unfolds before your eyes if you continue north along the seaside road while heading up the mountain, from where, the view is breathtaking.

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