Ipsos beach

Ipsos beach is characterized by its large length and from the fact that it is situated just below the main road in front of the touristy village Ipsos, on the northern part of the city  of Corfu. It is quite a narrow beach, covered with pebbles and has got shallow and clean waters for which it was awarded with the Blue Flag by the European Union.

Ipsos beach is fully organized with parasols and deck-chairs. You can find a variety of sea sports such as water-skiing. There is also a diving center on the beach for those who love to explore the deep. This beach offers a unique view of the mountain Pantokratoras and its verdant slopes. In order to enjoy this lovely bay from above, you must head north on the main road.

Above the sea you will find some taverns and restaurants as well as mini markets. Of course, there are also bars and discos because it is famous for its intense entertainment which is offered to the visitors.

Access to Ipsos beach is very easy as you can come by buses which depart regularly from the center of the city.

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