Asproneri in Evros is located on the road that connects Didymoteicho with Metaxades. This village is very old and has always been purely Christian. It belongs to the villages of Marides, an indigenous tribe with cultural characteristics similar to the ancient Thracians.

According to the tradition, Asproneri started with three houses. In the beginning, it was called “Terzanikes Portes” (doors), meaning the paths that were leading to the village, as there was no road and the area was densely forested. During the Ottoman occupation, the village was called Akbunar. The current name, Asproneri, is due to the clear water that the area used to have.

Written information shows that Asproneri in 1877 had a population of 58 Christian families. In 1884, it had a population of 85 families, a church, a primary school with teacher and 25 students.

From a survey carried out in the old village cemetery was found that the old grave crosses carry dates after 1800, fact indicating that the village was organized into a society of people long before that date. In fact, was found a burial cross with the date of 1805, being one of the oldest found in Asproneri.

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