Castles of Avantas and Potamos

They are both located out of the village of Avantas, ten kilometers away from Alexandroupolis. The entire area has castles on hillocks and rocks that allow the supervision of the plain and the passage from Rhodope and Komotini. The Castle of Avantas is also called Boz Tepe, from the homonymous hill on which it is built. Its ruins are visible only if someone gets really close to them. The ascent begins from the west side of the hill and it takes about 20 minutes. A magnificent gate with two tall towers on either side and the castle ramparts with the steps leading there still survive. The view of the entire plain from the battlements full justifies the construction of the castle at this spot. The ruins that a visitor can see today date from the 13th century, although, there are findings at the spot that date back from the Mycenaean period.

The Castle of Potamos is also located at the provincial roade that connects Alexandroupolis with Avantas. Its three impressive medieval towers are visible from far away. They are square and surrounded by a double wall. It is estimated that it was constructed by the Gattilusi, Geoese rulers of the region in the 13th century, on ancient remains of the prehistoric period, the Archaic and the early Byzantine period.


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