Chandras is a village in the prefecture of Evros, built in the valley between the rivers Ardas and Erythropotamos and is 20 kilometers from Orestiada. The community was founded in 1936. The name Chandras probably comes from the beads the women used to wear as ornaments on the traditional costumes of the region.

Immigration, mainly during the 60s, 70s and until the mid-80s, changed Chandras and significantly reduced the population, which today reaches 200 residents. Most of them are employed in the fields, where they mainly grow wheat, sunflower and cotton.

The village church is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and every year on August, 29, the day of the patron saint of Chandras, wrestling matches with nationwide participation are organized by the Cultural Association of the village.

Chandras borders with the settlement of Mikri Doxipara, where lies the famous burial mound of Doxipara of the 2nd AD century with the buried horses and carriages that have been discovered during the excavation.

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