Mikri Doxipara

In Mikri Doxipara of Evros, near the borders with Bulgaria, visitors can see a unique monument in Greece, the Burial mound of Doxipara – Zoni. Five carriages, fifteen horses and four cremations of the 2nd century AD have come to light, creating a particularly “live” excavation image.

The burial mound is located west of the settlement of Mikri Doxipara on a natural mound that is visible from afar. From the position of the tomb, there is unlimited view opposite to the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains.

Mikri Doxipara is located 126 kilometers from Alexandroupolis and 32 kilometers from Didymoteicho and it has about 200 residents. Near the village flows the Ardas River, forming a beautiful valley, which you can gaze from the village and the mound of the Tomb.

From Mikri Doxipara you can visit the riparian areas of the Ardas River, from Kyprinos to Kastanies, in a route with vast plains and low hills.

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