Chionades is the village at the highest altitude in the area of Metaxades, in Didymoteicho of Evros. Because of its location but also because of the climate that prevails, it is often covered with snow during the winter months – fact which gives it the name Chionades (during the Turkish rule it was called “Karli” = snow-capped).

In the center Chionades is located the church of Saint Athanasius that was built in 1973 in the place of an older church from the 19th century. The church celebrates on May 2, when a big festival takes place. At the southeastern edge of Chionades there is a chapel in honor of Saint Athanasius, while another chapel, of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is located near the recreation area on the hill “Tsigles”.

In Chionades operates a Cultural Association with intense action; every last Sunday of July takes place a meeting of all residents of Chionades. The association revives the customs of Bey, the Carols of Christmas, New Year’s and Lazarus’, and shows special care for the collection and preservation of traditional costumes of the region.

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