In the central prefecture of Evros, at a distance of 100 kilometers north of Alexandroupolis and 4 kilometers west of Didymoteicho on the provincial road that follows the north bank of Erythropotamos we come across the settlement of Ellinohori. It is built on low hills whose altitude ranges from 20 to 50 meters above sea level.

When exactly the residents have first been established in Ellinochori has not been determined yet, since there are no references to any known written source, nor buildings that could help us draw some elements. We meet Ellinochori for the first time with the name “Volgar Hari”, in the financial and tax records of the Ottoman state drawn up for Didymoteicho in 1454 – 1455, that is one year after the fall of Constantinople.

In the last years of the Ottoman occupation, Ellinochori was known as Giolgarkioi, (in Turkish means village on the road). In 1920, after the liberation, the responsible for the naming of the settlements of Thrace, G. Lampousiadis, because of the Bulgarian claims, named it Ellinochori.

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