The village of Evgeniko in Evros is located near Didymoteicho, 15 kilometers from the Greek-Turkish border and 16 kilometers from the Greek-Bulgarian borders. It is located at the roots of low hills on the edge of the valley of Erythropotamos, with panoramic views to the valley.

Its old location was on the hills about 2 kilometers north of the present village. Its name during the Ottoman occupation was Ntelimosluk. Its movement to its new position is due to an arson, which, according to witnesses, was caused by residents of the neighboring village of Sitochori. The Turks living there were forced to rebuild their brick homes at the current location of Evgeniko. In August 1922, countless refugee families settled there and the village was named Delitio.

Evgeniko, formerly purely Turkish, was suddenly transformed into a mosaic of refugees, who came from various villages of Eastern Thrace and Eastern Rumelia.

In 1957, the national benefactor Eugene Eugenides decided to donate 40,000 drachmas for the construction of water supply in a village of Northern Evros. Two villages draw lots on which will win the donation, Delitio and Sofiko (they were the only villages that had no water supply). The lot was won by Delitio, which officially changed its name to Evgeniko after the water supply construction with natural water flow.

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