Hill of Saint Constantine (Saint George)

One of the most beautiful and easily accessible natural sites of Evros is the Hill of Saint Constantine (Saint George). It is located near Loutro, where is placed the acropolis of the ancient Traianoupolis. Today, at the top of the hill, there is a church dedicated to Saints Constantine and George.

On the day of the feast of Saint George, the believers who come to the Hill of Saint Constantine – St George bring with them food, called kourbani and offer it in congregation. Next to it there is a water spring and a well, while the view, especially when the weather permits, is immense; from the Evros Delta and Samothrace to Imvros…

On the hill of Saint Constantine – Saint George are located the remnants of tekke Isiklar or otherwise called Nefes Baba, which was one of the headquarters of the Bektashi Order. They were Dervishes, who lived poor and humble, were particularly educated and cared for locals and visitors without distinguishing them.

The tekke housed the Mausoleum of the founder of the Order, Nefes Sultan, and even had summer and winter square, guesthouses and kitchen, stables and mihrab. Even today, Bektashi Muslims visit the hill of Saint Constantine – Saint George to pay homage and they tend to hang on the trees pieces of fabric, which according to tradition are placed there to treat the patients of the believers.

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