Koila is a hilly village in the prefecture of Evros, built at an altitude of 180 meters. It belongs to the Municipality of Feres and is located 48 km northeast of Alexandroupolis. Today, it has a few permanent residents. This small village, however, has been of interest to archaeologists, as Koila constitutes a settlement with traces of life since the 6th BC. At the village’s boundaries are visible very clearly the prehistoric castles and megalithic monuments of Greek antiquity.

At the historic church of Saint Georgios in Koila, had been gathered in 1821, the 892 Thracians revolutionaries, took oath to homeland, starting the difficult struggle for freedom, along with the other revolted Greeks. The Thracians fighters gave hard battles with the Turks, at one of the most difficult for them points of the then empire.

Koila was exclusively inhabited by Pontian refugees that arrived from Sourmena and Samsun, while from the 1970s the village was gradually abandoned and according to the 2011 census it has only 7 permanent residents.

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