Kokkina Vrachia

The beach Kokkina Vrachia is located on the shoreline of Evros and surrounded by the blue waters of the northern Aegean. The visitors of the Acritic County will meet it just outside of Alexandroupolis , in the west just before the coastal settlement of Chile. These small picturesque coves, during the summer months are flooded by world.

At Kokkina Vrachia, you will find the ideal place to enjoy a day at sea those who love swimming, as the multilevel rocky hill at one end, which reaches up to 10 meters height is ideal for adventurous swimmers who do not hesitate to try their “forces”! Although, it is considered a dangerous hobby, there are many who prefer this beach for the pleasure that offers the adrenaline – and blue waters!

As across the coast of Evros, so at Kokkina Vrachia, the waters are clear, while the coast has a fine pebble – one of the few beaches in Evros that not have sand. It is an organized beach with sun beds, parasols and cafes that offer to swimmers the necessary.

As its name suggests, at Kokkina Vrachia, the landscape surrounding the beach has a special red hue that makes it special.

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