Shortly before Soufli in Evros, on the national rooad, we come across Kornofolia, a village built on a lush hillside. Kornofolia is a very old village that retains its name from the Turkish occupation. Based on the etymology of the word, as well as the avifauna of the area, the name comes from hooded crows, as otherwise called the ravens.

However, what makes Kornofolia known today is the famous monastery of the Assumption, about one kilometer west of the village. In the monastery lies the icon – replica of Panagia (Our Lady) Portaitissa from the Iviron Monastery of Mountain Athos, which attracts many pilgrims.

The residents of Kornofolia come from another settlement on the bank of the Evros River, which according to the local tradition it was abandoned due to lethal epidemics.

In Kornofolia have been occasionally found archaeological findings. In the National Archaeological Museum lies a fragment of an embossed votive column, depicting a hand holding a thyrsus (long straight branch) and on its upper part is written the inscription “Kyrio Evro” (Lord of Evros). Findings from the Roman era, such as statues and coins are found in the Archaeological Museum of Komotini.

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