The village of Krios lies on the road connecting Kastanies with Ormenio. Like most villages in Evros, the residents of Krios came as refugees in 1923 after the Asia Minor catastrophe and the exchange of populations. Their ancestral village was Ortaktsi of Adrianoupolis (Edirne).

The settlement of Krios existed before with the Turkish name Kujunli that means goat or sheep pasture or with a relative concept, hence it was named Krios (Aries). The installation choice was made based on the criterion of rich soils of the area and the the many water springs. Even today, the surrounding villages are supplied with water from Krios.

The first church of Krios was dedicated to Saint George, as the one of Ortakci. The newer one built later, commemorates Saints Anargiroi (Kosmas and Damian) and there takes place a big feast on July 1. In “Encyclopedia of Greek dance” of Alkis Raftis are recorded five dances of Krios; Isios, Keria, Koutsos, Paintouska and Tripati or Tripot.

Within the limits of Krios lie three funerary tombs. One is located at Simadi over the fountains, the other just outside the village on the old road and the intersection of Dikaia Dilofos and the last one near the graves, on top of the mound.

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