Melissa Patisserie

The company was founded in 1958 in Alexandroupolis  by Diamantis Vafeiadis. Today, 55 years later, Melissa remains a family business led by members of the second and third generation of the family, always with the same triptych of ideals – quality, variety and customer’s service.

Diamantis Vafeiadis had opened his first shop at Emporiou Street, having previously worked for a long time in the patisserie Diethnes. Then by increasing the production he created his workshop which exists till today is in A. Makri 31.

The next step was the relocation of Melissa at I. Kavyri street in a larger and more central store. Finally, Theodore Vafeiadis the current owner, moved the shop in his private premises, where it is up to now.

Our primary concern is our sweets to offer a delight to you and that’s why they are made by pure materials and meet all the requirements for the food safety. To achieve our purpose we commit that:

• We choose our suppliers having the highest standards of market in our effort to find the purest materials for our sweets.

• We invest in the storage and transportation of our sweets in aim of ensuring the absolute quality starting from production to the final consumer.

• We select technologically advanced equipment having as basic criterion, the best assurance in the quality of our sweets.

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