Metropolis Square

It is the central square of Alexandroupolis. Three very important buildings compose the view of the Metropolis Square. The two of these neoclassical buildings were education centres from the early 20th century. Between them stands the Metropolitan Church of Saint Nicholas which was also built in the early 20th century by the first residents of the new city in order to honor their patron saint, as the majority of them were seamen. At the right side of the Metropolis Square there is the old elementary school where prominent figures of Alexandroupolis such as Athanasios Spanos, Angelos Poimenidis and Theodoros Charalampidis were teachers. On the left of the Metropolitan Church is situated the Leontaridios Urban Boys School, the old high school which today houses the Ecclesiastic Museum. On one side of the square there is a small garden with marble busts of bishops of the city.


Leontaridios School

Built in 1909, in the central square of Alexandroupolis, next to the Metropolitan Church of the city. It was donated by the merchant, Antonis Leontaridis from Maronia. Until  1972 the “Leontaridios Urban Boys School Dedeagatch” operated as a high school. Today it houses the Ecclesiastic Museum of Alexandroupolis’ Metropolitan Church. Its rich collection includes important exhibits from the orthodox tradition of the region but also a gallery of Thracian painters’ works.

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