Neochori, in a short distance west of Orestiada (7 km), is the head village of Marides, a tribe that is said to be originated from the ancient Thracians, and now their descendants live in 13 villages of Evros, in the area of the river Erythropotamos. Marides of Neochori retained devoutly their Christian faith, the Greek language, the traditional customs and folk costumes (blue breeches and white shirt for the men, attire from which derived the name “galazovrakides”).

In Neochori was created the Folklore Museum of Marides, as happened in villages of Mani and Vrysiko. The exhibits are objects of everyday life and traditional costumes gathered by the residents to preserve the memory and history of Marides.

Neochori today has modern houses and its inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture. Due to its location, near the river Erythropotamos, which is a tributary of Evros, from the 20,000 acres of arable land the 18,500 are irrigated.

In Kryoneri, just outside the limits of Neochori, is located a recreation area that in summer attracts many visitors.

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