Palli is a lowland settlement of Evros, on the road linking Dikaia with Ormenio and is about 38 kilometers from Orestiada.

The meaning as well as how came up the Greek name of the village is unknown. The Turkish name of the village was “Buldurkoy”, which according to a view it meant “We found a village for installation (to stay)”.

The church of Palli is dedicated to Virgin Mary and on 15th August, the day of the Assumption, the entire village takes part in the festival.

In the small village of Palli the Women’s Agricultural Cooperative of Trigono of Evros, named “GAIA” cultivates a farm to produce vegetables. It is a very well organized cooperative, which among other things promotes local female entrepreneurship.

In Palli you can see the private folklore collection of Lyberis Antoniadis, with exhibits that tell the history and course of this small rural community and its residents.

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