On the road from Didymoteicho to Pythio on the borders with Turkey, you will meet Prangi, a settlement that retains life in bygone eras… It is located in an area with large meadows on the banks of the Evros River.

On a hill above Prangi in the north, has been found a small cemetery of the Byzantine era with a central church, chapels, courtyard and tombs. In the middle of the nave there was a well, which is now dry.

In Prangi has been created a park for storks over an area of ​​2.5 thousand acres in the plain of Prangi. The village is one of the most popular destinations of storks, thereby was decided the creation of the park, where have been granted for free and installed by technicians of DEI (PPC) thirty non-electric poles with special nests that contribute to their reproduction.

Among the attractions of Prangi are the old train ticket station, which has been turned into a very atmospheric and traditional tavern.

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