Saint George in Soufli

The Church of Saint George in Soufli was founded in 1818, but it was not completed until 1863, after almost fifty years. It dominates with its magnificence in the city, it is a basilica and it has double stone floors at the Gynaeceum. The wooden carved iconostasis of Saint George in Soufli is work of the sculptor Stamatis Talaiodoros and is considered to be of exceptional beauty as well as priceless. The artist seems to have given life to the work, with the figures of saints “floating”, the underworld communicating with heaven and the Crucifixed Jesus leaning slightly forward, inspiring in that way with awe and solemnity the faithful believers of Saint George in Soufli.

Craftsmen from Constantinople and Sozopol, called “tagiadoroi” (wood carvers), worked with him for the completion of the work, which was finally done after the death of the wood carver and with the help of his son. The bell tower of the Church of Saint George in Soufli is work of 1910, it has a height of 25 meters and is octagonal made of limestone. The town’s guild of shoemakers donated the mechanisms of the four clocks that decorate it. The Church of Saint George in Soufli used to be the Metropolitan Church until 1935, when the Metropolis was abolished and was incorporated into the Metropolis of Didymoteicho.

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