The village of Sidiro, 20 kilometers northwest of Soufli, is included among the Pomak villages of Evros. The majority of the villagers, 465 now, are Muslims engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. They mostly grow tobacco, wheat, barley and sunflower, while there is a large number of beekeepers producing acacia honey and blossom honey.

The village in Turkish is callled Demiroren and in its center operates a two-story mosque with a minaret. In Sidiro also operates a minority primary school. At the entrance of the village, the road passes through a stone arch bridge, which was probably built 600 years ago. It is made of large stones in the shape of arch, whose highest point from the gorge is 25 meters.

The Christian church of the village, Prophet Elijah, was built in the 60s, when the Greek state promoted and financed the settlement of Greeks in these villages.

Sidiro is built in a lush environment and the route from Soufli crosses the dense forest of the area.

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