The village of Sterna is located about 10 kilometers north of Orestiada and 7 kilometers west of Kavyli. Most of the residents of Sterna originate from the Peloponnese, as there are differences in clothing and language and customs in contrast to other Thracians. In the early 20th century, arrived in Sterna a small number of refugees from a village of the area of Pentalofos, when their village passed to Bulgaria.

The old name of Sterna, Tatarkoy (from the words Tatars and Koy which in Turkish means village), indicates that in the place of the modern village had once settled Tatars (nomadic tribe with extremely wild behavior). In the area was formed a Turkish settlement that had a Mosque next to the currently preserved old bridge. Over the years, the Turks left the village selling their lands to Greek residents.

In Sterna operates a carpet factory, while the village church is dedicated to Saint George. On the day of his celebration around Easter, is Sterna takes place a feast.

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