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THRACIAN SEED SA dealing with that associated with the primary sector and is always updated on the developments of the area.

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Company’s Establishment – History

The Thracian Seed was founded in 1996 by brothers Parasakis Athanasius and Parasakis Stylianos to create a model complex production and marketing of propagating material of agricultural supplies. In 2000, the company was expanded to the northern portion of Evros in private facilities of 2000 m2, installing a store of agricultural supplies and storage space in the area of Trifyli  in Evros.

Another asset of the company is the silo complex in the area of Tychero , by a total capacity of 6000 tons.

To serve the rural population of the region, the company had also expanded its activity in the area of Soufli , installing store agricultural supplies.

Objectives – Strategies

From the early years of its creation, the company has worked with large seed producing companies abroad and to institute Grains National Agricultural Research Foundation of reproducing the most efficient and most commercial varieties of wheat varieties.

At the same time, its purpose was and is to inform the rural population according to the market trends and to direct them into dynamic crops, supplying them with all the agricultural supplies and absorbing the products produced by introducing innovations in the region of Thrace, as the “Contractual farming”.

More generally, the Thracian Seed SA having qualified scientific staff, constantly updated and investing both in domestic and foreign markets, laying the foundation for further growth.

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