Trifylli is one of the villages of the prefecture of Evros. It is located 40 kilometers northeast of Alexandroupolis and is built on a hillside. It borders with the villages Peplos, Itea and Lefkimmi.

The very old name of the village was Pasmaktsi, because there factory that made pasmades, that is fabrics. Today is called Trifylli (clover) from the homonymous wild grass that grows on the slopes and the village countrysides.

All liturgies and mysteries of orthodoxy in Trifylli are celebrated in the church of Saint Nicholas. Only on 15th August, on the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Divine Liturgy is celebrated in the church of Our Lady of Trifylli that on that day celebrates the Assumption.

Most villagers are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. The main products produced in Trifylli are wheat, cotton, sunflower and corn. In addition, the villagers breed freely small and large animals such as goats and cows.

The attractions of the village are the fountain in the plane tree and “Heroon” which is located at the square of Trifylli. Also, high on the top of the hill stands the church of Saint George.

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