Thyrea is a village of Evros and is connected by road with the cities of Didymoteicho and Orestiada through provincial network.

In the area has been found a burial mound, on the 8th kilometer of the national road from Didymoteicho to Orestiada, between the villages of Thyrea and Asimenio. This is one of the largest mounds of the northern Evros with a diameter of 47.5 meters and a height of 10 meters, which impresses visitors and constitutes a benchmark for Thyrea.

During excavations in Thyrea was discovered the skeleton of a horse and various parts of its harness. Next to the horse was found a bronze vessel, an iron sword, two iron spearheads and a bronze shield part· traces of the shield’s wood on which the horse stepped were visible as well. A bit further south from the above items were found pits with prehistoric pottery and tools. Archaeologists have also found the cremation remains of a man and a woman.

Excavations at this point are underway and residents of Thyrea expect the final conclusions of scientists.

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