The settlement of Zoni in the northern part of Evros is located near the borders with Bulgaria, south of the village of Kyprinos and east of Ivaylovgrad of Bulgaria. It owes its name to the ancient Zoni, the city of Cicones on the Thracian coast opposite Samothrace. In the past, in the settlement used to operate four watermills, while the entire population of Zoni are refugees.

Zoni is known from the burial mound of Mikri Doxipara that is located nearby, at a distance of a few kilometers. It is an excavation site open to the public, in which have been found four large pits containing the cremation remains of three men and a woman together with numerous items that accompanied them to the other world.

The five carriages on which were transported the dead to the tomb of Zoni, were buried in the same space. Beside them were also buried five horses. From all the carriages are kept the metal functional and decorative elements, and from two of these are reserved the imprints of the wooden parts, fact that makes the tourist attraction of Zoni impressive.

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