Pera Pigadi

In Pera Pigadi you will find white pebbles and green shrubs that come down all the way to the sea! The isolated beach in the southeast of Ithaca will relax you. The rocks to the left will give you shade after noon. The cicadas, the fish and harmless goats will be your company – rarely will you find another boat seeking tranquility in Pera Pigadi.

There are two ways to get to the beach: the one is comfortable and relaxing, by boat – but you should have your own, as the commercial little boats do not go to Pera Pigadi.

The other one, the adventurous, is to follow the path to Arethousa Krini, which starts from the road to Marathias and just before you reach the end, to descend to Pera Pigadi. In this case, wear suitable clothes and shoes and take with you water and whatever else you consider essential for a descent lasting about 40 minutes and a climb that lasts a little longer.

The beach got its name from the Homeric Arethousa Krini, a fountain with water that locals call Pera Pigadi. The path is clear, the view to Nisopoulo  and the beaches below will amaze you and the cold waters of the Ionian Sea will reward you for the hot route!

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