Svoronata is one of the largest villages in southern Kefalonia and belongs to the region of Livatho. It is located 9 km southeast of Argostoli, near the airport. It has 710 residents, according to the 2011 census. From Svoronata, comes the hero of the Macedonian Struggle, the Colonel Svoronos.

One of the few villages that are not completely destroyed by the earthquakes of 1953, in Svoronata, the visitors have the opportunity to see samples of architecture of the 19th century. Famous were the blacksmiths of the village, the characteristic portonia of which are truly works of art (portonia are called in Ionian the wrought iron gates). Excellent piece of architecture is the church of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of the village and the seamen, with its imposing bell tower.

Svoronata have been developed in recent years and have numerous tourist accommodations, restaurants and taverns. Very near are the beaches Ammes, Avythos, Ai Helis and Minies.

From Svoronata, you can admire the view of the sea, you will see the island Zeus, one of the small islands of Kefalonia, the Virgin Mary Diotissa on top, which is celebrated on 2nd of July.

The Lady in Ntomata, is one of the closest in Svoronata monasteries worth visiting. There, lies the coffin of Patriarch Gregory V, while the iconostasis of the church is gilt.

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