The beach in Fanari of Argostoli is sandy and has shallow waters. As is caught by the winds, it is preferred by lovers of water sports like surfing, you need the power of Aeolus to enjoy them. Also, it is preferred by families with small children, who here can play with sand and water in relative safety. The beach is unorganized and you will need to bring with you the necessary.

The beach is located next to the lighthouse of Argostoli, Fanari of St. Theodore, built during the British occupation by the governor Napier, on the principle of whom were constructed in Kefalonia various public projects, such as bridge Devossetos, connecting Argostoli with the opposite shore of the Lagoon Koutavos. A little further is situated Katavothres, one of the strange geological phenomena of Kefalonia, i.e. cracks in the earth penetrating the seawater.

Fanari is located 1.5 kilometers from the capital of Kefalonia and you will find it if you take the road that is known as “round of Lassi”, the rich suburb of Argostoli.

Fanari at a glance:

• Sandy

• Shallow waters

• Easy access

• Attractions near

• Unorganized



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