Foki beach is at a very short distance from Fiskardo of Kefalonia, as it is accessible even by foot.

To get to Foki, one of the most beautiful beaches of Erissos, you follow the road to Tselentata. You understand that you arrive when you came across a bay full of cypress and olive trees.

The small creek that offers protection from winds and waves, in combination with fairly shallow waters, making it perfectly safe for swimming for the small children. That is why it is ideal for families and vessels often anchor offshore.

The edge of the beach is covered with pebbles, while the bottom is mostly covered by seaweed.

The ideal spot for diving and sunbathing in Foki is in the right part of the bay, where there is a path that leads to successive flat rocks.

At the exit, of the bay, there is a cave for those who desire to explore as it is easily reachable by swimming.

Foki got its name from the seals Monachus – Monachus (Monachus-Monachus), which often choose the turquoise waters of the bay for a brief “visit”.

For those who, finally, after a long stay in Foki want to taste the local delicacies of Kefalonia, the taverns that operate close to the beach will be the perfect complement to a busy day at sea. In any case, do not forget to taste the unique meat pie.

Foki at a glance:

• Turquoise waters

• Shallow sea

• Easy access

• Ideal for sunbathing

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