Kimilia beach

Kimilia beach is located on the northwestern tip of Kefalonia, on the peninsula of Erisos, near Fiskardo and the other small, traditional villages of this region of the island. It is pebbled, with turquoise waters, characteristic of the Ionian sea, while the surrounding green and beautiful nature, creates an impressive, unique landscape.

To reach Kimilia beach, you should leave your car in the village of Germenata, in Erisos and continue on the small path. The distance is just ten minutes through cypresses and olive trees, surrounded by lush vegetation and nature, and leads to the all-white pebbly Kimilia beach with its cool waters.

Even though it is considered one of the most tranquil and secluded beaches of Kefalonia, it is almost certain that when visiting Kimilia beach, during the summer months especially, you will find someone there, enjoying the sea spellbound by the beauty of the island. Especially in recent years it has become very popular mainly among Italian tourists, but also with the locals who are rediscovering the secrets of their homeland.

What you will not find on Kimilia beach is any type of organization, so it is necessary to have your food and water, and an umbrella to provide shade, so you can handle the hot summer sun.

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