Thiramonas is a village in southeastern Kefalonia and belongs to the former municipality Elios – Proni. Few houses, traditionally built at the foot of Enos, the great mountain of the island and the Ionian Islands, which dominates in the landscape. Thiramonas name comes from hunting, hunting, one of the favorite hobbies of about 80 permanent residents.

At a short distance from Thiramonas isthe beach Koroni. Golden sand and clear blue waters, is usually calm and quiet for those who want to relax by the sea. On summer evenings the young people of the region are organizing concerts and beach party on the sand – worth to attend if you get any such opportunity.

Thiramonas is located near the villages:

Valerianos, the hometown of maritime explorer of the coast of northeastern America Juan de Fuca

Atsoupades, small mountainous village, surrounded by nature

Mavrata, the largest in the area, near the sea, off which sank in 1941 the English submarine “Perseus”. Since the wreck was only one survivor, the Englishman stoker John Capes.



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