Mixalitsata of Palliki is a village located very close to Lixouri, almost in the center of the peninsula. It has about 60 permanent residents today, although the village is from the most historical of Kefalonia, with continuous habitation of the fall of Constantinople and later, as is calculated by the scholars. Many Byzantine rulers resorted to Kefalonia with their numerous families, as it was under Venetian occupation and they founded here settlements, giving them their name – such as has happened with Metaxata of Leivatho, for example. Mixalitsata come so from the family Mihalitsi, while in the census of Pietro Castrofilaca, 1583 is found as Micalicata.

From Mixalitsata, you will admire the panoramic view of the area, the bay of Livadi as to Vardianoi, the small islands of south Palliki. They were famous the festivals and celebrations in the village, when in Mixalitsata were erected songs and dances by … nothing!

Today, in Mixalitsata, takes place the festival of Agia Marina on 17th of July. It is the village’s main church, which was rebuilt in the care of residents, after the earthquakes of 1953. In Mixalitsata, there is still a small church, the church of St. John Tsagkarades or Tzagkaradone, in honor of the village shoemakers.



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