Turquoise waters, fine pebble, green nature! Petani is definitely one of the best beaches of Kefalonia; many compare it even with Myrtos ! Its name comes from the Homeric word “epietanoi” that means the area with plenty of water throughout the year.

Petani is located near Lixouri , on the western side of the peninsula of Palliki and to get here, you will follow the road to Anogi, the “above side” of the peninsula. Suddenly, the road descends and you drive between cliffs. By the time, the landscape opens up and faces the beach of Petani from above, a shot worth to stop and take pictures! From here, you can admire all the colors of the sea: from pale blue and turquoise, as the deep blue…

Two cliffs right and left of Petani stand like walls that demarcate them from the rest. The cape on the right called “of Kyra Anna”, which according to legend, drowned here to save her child from the raging sea…

Petani has a length of almost one kilometer. The area has abundance of freshwater, and said that springs gush even in the sea, keeping the water cool even in the hottest summer days… The beach is organized, you will find taverns and cafes, while, if you can, do not leave from Petani without enjoying the sunset!

Petani at a glance:

• Pebble

• Parasols

• Sun beds

• Shower

• Access by car

• Taverns, cafes, beach bar


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