Razata is a village of Kefalonia and it is situated 5 km outside of Argostoli, on the main road connecting the capital with the largest port, Sami. The view of Argostoli and Lixouri from here is breathtaking. According to the latest census of 2011, the residents of the village are 507. Razata, effectively represents suburb of Argostoli, belonging to the municipal section of the capital city.

Very close to Razata, there are the remains of the fortifications of ancient Krani, one of the cities – towns of Kefalonia of classical and Hellenistic period. It is known locally as “Cyclopean walls”, as stones with which it is built are huge!

In Razata, you will also see the church of St. John Theologos, located in the village.

Just outside Razata, there is precipice called “Grouspa”, which the locals use for such geological formations. It has not been fully explored by cavers, is hidden in the dense vegetation of Kefalonia and is not in the disposition of the visitors.

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