Skala of Kefalonia is one of the major tourist resorts. Built in 1956, after the earthquake of August, in 1953, razed the old village which was a little above.

In Skala, you will find hotel units of many stars and thousands of beds, and smaller facilities, covering all tastes and budgets. The huge in length beach of Skala is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia: sandy, organized in many places, but free in its large part, with deep blue waters, is ideal for water sports.

From the populous villages of Kefalonia, Skala with nearly 760 residents, who come up to 1000m with the neighboring smaller settlements Ratzakli, Aleimatas and Fanies, composes the homonymous local apartment of Skala. It is 37 kilometers from the island’s capital, Argostoli and 12 km from Poros, the port of the area. It offers tourist services covering the entire range of services and the needs of its visitors.

Just outside Skala, has been discovered the Roman Villa Skala, as it is called, a villa dating back to the 3rd century AD and has a house and spa, with wonderful mosaics.





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