Bridge of Mavrozoumaina

The oldest bridge in operation in Europe is the bridge of Mavrozoumaina, outside the village on the road of Neochori , to the road to Meligala , and was built in 369 BC and by reconstructions over the centuries is used to our days. Parts of the ancient bridge, such as the foundations and the lowest part are still visible today.

The bridge Mavrozoumaina is of unique architecture Mycenaean project, as it is a triple bridge with arches forming the letter Y and joining three streets. Beneath the two ancient rivers joined, Amphitos and Lefkasia, which continued their way to the river Pamissos. The bridge of Mavrozoumaina was on the ancient road leading to the ancient Messina  from the east and is approximately 1.5 km from the Arcadian Gate .

The name, Bridge of Mavrozoumaina, is due to the reconstruction made ​​in the 12th or 13th century by the wife of a general Mavrozoumi. A second reconstruction took place during the Ottoman period, as evidenced by an inscription on its stone: «Εκενεόθη το διωφιρι της Μαυροζουμενα δι εξοδον εμού Σιναν Σουμπασιου Καριτενου» (it was repaired the bridge Mavrozoumaina for leaving the villages of Karitena).

The Bridge Mavrozoumaina that had been declared a monument is one of the main attractions of the area, both for its antiquity, and for its architecture.



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