Phocis - Archaeological Sites

Delphi is one of the leading and most important archaeological sites in Greece and one of the monuments of world culture. An entire hill is the archaeological site of Delphi with the rich history. To enjoy a full tour, you will have to devote much time to be fully reflected in the spirit of the archaeological site. Of course, it is certain that whenever anyone chooses to visit, he will meet many people from every corner of the earth that have made even the longest travel to get there.

The whole area of Delphi and Arachova has to show a rich history and archeological sites of great interest that anyone will find in many areas. The archaeological site of Hercules Fire stands out, where there are ruins of an ancient temple, dedicated to the mythical hero, as it is said that he was died at this point.

The ancient temple of Dimitra in Erochos is also one of the archaeological sites that are worth visiting, as well as the ruins of Ancient Kirra scattered into the contemporary city.

  • Sanctuary of Hercules

    The Sanctuary of Hercules near to the village Pira of Phocis, where according to the legend, had been led the tormented from the poison of Nessus Hercules to die.

  • Delphi-Tour

    The majesty of the archaeological site of the Oracle of Delphi is insurmountable.

  • Kastriotissa’s Castle

    The Castle of Kastriotissa is located almost through the modern village on the slope of Oiti. It is estimated that was built by the Dorians around 500 BC.

  • Ancient Kirra

    The ancient Kirra located at the point where it is built the modern city of Kirra and it is one of the most important in the region.

  • Ancient Fortress of Lilaia

    The ruins of the ancient fortress of Lilaia are situated just outside of the village. It is rescued the city wall and remnants of its towers.

  • Ancient Monuments of Galaxidi

    The ancient monuments are scattered throughout Galaxidi and include remnants from the archaic to the Byzantine era.

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