Phocis – Caves

  • The Cave of Stromi

    The Cave Stromi is near the homonym village in Gkiona. Also it is called as cave of Englishmen, because the British saboteurs of Bridge Gorgopotamos lived here.

  • Neraidospilia

    Neraidospilia is situates in Parnassus, near the village Vargiani and according to the legend; it was the home of the fairies in mountain.

  • Bartospilia

    Bartospilia is one of the caves of Phocis which used as a base the thieves’ guerillas of '21 to make gunpowder.

  • Korakofolia

    Korakofolia is a cave outside the village Kaloskopi of Gkiona and became a refuge for residents in times of war.

  • Eptastomos

    Eptastomos is the cave gulf on Parnassus, where is situated the most southern glacier in Europe!

  • Βιτρίνα

  • Vitrina

    The cave Vitrina is just outside the village Vounochora , on the slope of Gkiona .

  • Akona

    The cave Akona is situated outside of Galaxidi and it was used as a place of worship in antiquity.

  • The Cave of Kontylos

    The Cave of Kontylos is in Parnassus, near the village Polydrosos (the old Souvala).

  • The Cave of Kastriotissa

    The cave of Kastriotissa is located in a inaccessible hillside of Oiti, outside the homonym village.

  • Cave at Galaxidi

    The Cave of Galaxidi is located in the small town square Nikolas Mamas.

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