Samothrace – Natural Attractions

  • Fonias

    Fonias is the most famous stream of Samothrace, running down the slope of mountain Saos, forming rock pools on its way, as well as Klidosi, a waterfall 35 meters high!

  • Feggari

    Feggari is the highest peak of mountain Saos of Samothrace, the verdant mountain with countless streams and impressive rock pools.

  • Tis Grias Ta Pania

    Tis Grias Ta Pania is a unique geological formation on the rocks of the southern coast of Samothrace.

  • Lagoon of Agios Andreas

    Lagoon of Agios Andreas is located in the northwest part of Samothrace and is one of the most important wetlands of the island.

  • Kremastos

    Kremastos is a waterfall on Samothrace, that cascades into the sea, from a height of almost 100 meters!

  • Mineral Springs of Samothrace

    The Mineral Springs of Samothrace are located in the settlement of Therma, in the northern part of the island and attract thousands of visitors every year.

  • Vathres

    The vathres of Samothrace are natural "pools" formed by the flowing waters of the island, creating in many places towering waterfalls.

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