Syros – Museums

  • Markos Vamvakaris Museum

    Markos Vamvakaris Museum is located in Ano Syros district, where the great Greek “rebetis” was born. It accommodates personal objects and manuscripts.

  • Historical Archives of Syros

    The Historical Archives of Syros has in its possession documents, mainly dating back to 1821 and after. It occupies a floor in the Ladopoulos building, in Miaoulis Square.

  • Copies of Cycladic Art Museum

    In the Copies of Cycladic Art Museum there are programs using copies of cycladic art artifacts so as to learn about the cycladic civilization.

  • Traditional Profession Exhibition

    In the district of Ano Syros is accommodated the extremely rich Traditional Profession Exhibition, having tools from farming and household activities.

  • Industrial Museum

    The Industrial Museum of Syros is one of the most remarkable museums in Greece, accommodating machinery, tools and rare footage of industrial interest.

  • Archaeological Museum

    The Archaeological Museum of Syros is one of the oldest of Greece (1834-1835). It includes exhibits of the prehistoric, Hellenistic and Roman era.

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