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Chania has a modern port with numerous and and frequent connections to Piraeus, and an international airport, that also has frequent flights from all over Greece and abroad, so that access to this very popular destination is convenient and easy.

The quickest way to access Crete is of course by plane. Chania airport is connected daily with Athens, while during the tourist season the number of flights is increased to at least four a day. The flight from Athens takes about 45 minutes. There are also flights from Thessaloniki, some of the Aegean islands and from Cyprus. Chania International Airport "Ioannis Daskaloyannis" is about 14 km from the city and its IATA code is CHQ. If you arrive by plane in Chania, you can get to the city by KTEL bus (interurban), the public bus, or by taxi - the taxi stand is located just outside the airport premises, while the route costs about 20 euros.

Souda port is the main port of Chania and one of the largest and most important in Greece. Ships depart from Piraeus either in the morning and arrive in Chania late in the afternoon, or at 20: 30-21: 00 at night, so the trip can last all night and the ship reaches Souda at about 06:00 am. There are of course high speed vessels bound to Chania, that traverse the distance in about five hours and depart from Piraeus at various hours of the day.

The shipping companies serving Chania (Souda) - Piraeus are:

ANEK LINES: 2821027500, Souda: 2821089856 BLUE STAR FERRIES: 2108919800 HELLENIC SEAWAYS: 2821075444, 2104199000

Apart from the Souda port, connected to Piraeus, you can access Chania by the port of Kissamos, in western Chania. Kissamos is connected to Kythira and the port of Neapolis in the Peloponnese, and is served by the company «ANEK LINES» (2821024147, 2821027500)

Finally, on the southern coastline of Chania, operates the Chania's company ANENDYK. Its small ships connect all the major southern coastal points of the county, which constitute some of the most important tourist destinations of Crete: Paleochora, Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro and Sfakia. The ANENDYK is the company that offers access and executes itineraries to the beautiful and unique Gavdos, the southern border of Europe. The itineraries are carried out through Paleochora twice a week throughout the year (2.5 hours duration), while for the period from May to October the ships also run from Sfakia.

ANENDYK: 2821095511


Chania: 2821098888 Suda: 2821089240 Kissamos: 2822022024 Paleochora: 2823041214 Sfakia: 2825091292

The KTEL (interurban bus service) of Chania is a regular bus service that offers access to Chania from the rest of Crete and other locations around Greece. Its central station is located in the city center, on Kydonia street, from where depart most itineraries. The KTEL buses allow tourists to visit the area from Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos of Lasithi, Rethymno and other areas of the neighboring county, while KTEL bus itineraries are operating to and from Thessaloniki and Ioannina, two of the largest Greek cities. These routes are realized via the ports of Piraeus and Souda. Through the well-organized network of KTEL buses, many destinations within the county are served, such as many of the larger villages, beaches and attractions.

  • Intercity Bus of Chania (KTEL)

    The intercity bus of Chania connects Chania with the other cities of Crete, as well as with Thessaloniki and Ioannina.

  • Chania Airport

    Chania Airport "Ioannis Daskalogiànnis" is located 14 kilometers from the city and is connected daily with Athens and destinations abroad.

  • Port of Souda

    The city of Chania is served by the port of Souda. It is located 6 km from the center and is considered one of the most important in the Mediterranean.

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