Beach of Nea Chora

The sandy beach of Nea Chora is close to Chania – just one kilometer away from the city center – and you can get there on foot in 15 minutes.

The beach of Nea Chora is long, with golden sand, a few rocks and blue shallow waters and it is very well organized. Due to its proximity to Chania, the suburb of Nea Chora beach has facilities for accommodation and food. There you will find restaurants, bars, cafes and several taverns which are famous for their good food. The Nea Chora is ideal for those who want to stay near Chania.

In the summer, at the end of August, the “Festival of the Sardine” takes place on the beach of Nea Chora. The abundant fish, dances and songs are the recipe for success for this celebration, which you should not miss.

At the western end of the beach of Nea Chora, after the pedestrian bridge that crosses the river Kladisos, a second beach stretching to Aptera beach is formed. The beach of Kladisos is a beautiful vast coast where tourism is not developed at all, despite the fact that it is very close to town.

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