Chiliomoudou is a small mountainous village, belonging to the municipality of Apokoronas and located 28 kilometers from Chania, in the southeast side of the city. It is built at an altitude of 400 meters and, therefore, the view is absolutely wonderful, including the vast plains of the region, the villages, the Bay of Souda, Akrotiri (the cape) and the bay of Almiros to Rethymnon, as well as the beautiful White Mountains, dominating the south.

At Chiliomoudou you can visit a unique traditional olive oil factory. The native Leonidas Rethemniotakis along with his wife Eleftheria, who comes from Folegandros, are both familiar with agricultural work and procedure and created this farm with the olive mill and the threshing floor. They restored the windmill of the village, and later, they built the wood-fired oven and the tavern in which they work today.

Thanks to the operation of this farm, young students can learn or see at close quarters, for instance, how the wheat is traditionally cultivated and how the sowing, the reaping, the threshing and the grinding at the windmill are done.

At Chiliomoudou you can buy green products, produced in this estate, and taste the delicious dishes of the traditional tavern.

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