Domata beach is located 7 kilometers east of Sougia and 58 km south of Chania in the area Cheses. The wild and rugged gorge of Klados ends up there. It is a unique natural landscape because of the erosion of the rocks by water and wind.

The area is a paradise and has remained intact because it is inaccessible. The waters are blue and the sand with small pebbles is dark and gray. The green pines stop on the coast. The rocks are vertical and stand around Domata as a natural barrier on the coast.

If you dig in the sand you can find fresh water. The many pine trees near the coast provide shade and protect the campers.

Domata took its name from the staggered arrangement of rocks that remind roofs – domata.

Domata beach is located between Agia Roumeli and Sougia and is completely isolated and deserted. It is crossed by the European path E4, in the section joining the two neighboring regions. The journey to Agia Roumeli takes three to four hours but the path is quite difficult , since in some places it rises to an altitude of 700 meters, so it is only recommended for experienced hikers and climbers.

If you do not want to walk you can reach Domata by boat, which you can rent from Agia Roumeli.

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