Early Christian Basilica of Agios Nikitas

The small church of Agios Nikitas, which is located near the medieval castle Fragokastello is built on the ruins of the early Christian Basilica of Agios Nikitas, of which now only the walls and mosaic remain. It is located in Chania, on the south coast of Crete and it is 18 km east of Sfakia.

The Early Christian Basilica of Agios Nikitas dates back to the second half of the 6th century, a period during which the south coast of the island was flourishing. During its excavation, it was confirmed that its walls are preserved to a sufficient height below the surface, which indicates that the temple was abandoned and gradually fell into decline in the mid- 7th century, a time when the Arab invasions began.

Architectural elements from the Early Christian Basilica of Agios Nikitas were used for the creation of Fragokastello. The church had three aisles and a total length of about 26 meters.

The floor of the Early Christian Basilica of Agios Nikitas was covered with mosaics, which are preserved for the most part in very good condition. The floor is dominated by geometric decorations, but also with animal portrayals, such as the portrayal of a goat among shoots.

In the sanctuary of the basilica was built in the second half of the 13th century, the single-nave church of Agios Nikitas. For its construction, architectural elements of the basilica were used, including two marble columns, which are embedded in the middle of the side walls.

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